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March in review

Well, well, well, where to begin? We're all in the same boat, some of us coping better than others. At first, I have to admit, I didn't mind all this social distancing and working from home. The silver lining to all this? SLEEP. And I am officially all caught up, this bitch doesn't even have bags under her eyes anymore. There are clearly things to we need to evaluate about the way we usually live our lives. I'm certainly one for slowing things down a bit. And hey! All this news about air pollution improving is so cool. Did you know air pollutions causes 400,000 premature deaths across Europe a year?!

However, after over two weeks confined to my very small apartment with my boyfriend and cat, I'm starting to struggle. Most of us (hopefully all of us) completely value the new rules we have to follow. But that doesn't make it any easier. Complaining doesn't mean we don't appreciate all the incredible hard work our NHS and other key workers are doing. Plot twist, you can hate the current situation we are in and respect the rules.

Yes, stick to a routine. Yes, start a hobby. Yes, do some yoga and a home work out. Yes, FaceTime your pals. All this is great, and it does help. But can we be real for a minute please?! There are very few people who are going to be content living this way for an extended period of time, myself included. And it's okay not to be okay. It's okay to not feel up to starting a new side hustle. It's okay to not run a marathon around your front room. Can we please not forget that this whole debacle is terrifying and overwhelming in every way shape or form? I really appreciated this tweet from Matt Haig:

Okay rant over. Some things I've loved this month:

  • My contract got renewed! Yasssssssss. The next 3 months are still going to be uncertain and chaotic, but thankfully I'll still have an income

  • Clapping at 8pm the other day for our NHS workers made me CRY. It was so lovely. Can we do one for the other key workers please?

  • Celebrating Tom's birthday. I felt guilty because I wanted to celebrate him more, and take him for dinner and drinks but c'est la vive

  • Postponing my holidays. While, I'm fucking devastated, putting them off for a bit gives me an opportunity to save some much needed cash

  • Discovering the cutest little lake in my park I didn't know about

  • PT & I figuring out remote training. I ordered a couple bits of equipment before shit hit the fan and I'm so glad I did. Downloaded a Tabata app, which has made lil home workouts feel a bit more intense which is nice

  • Facetiming everyone

  • Having an excuse to order loads of local take aways. Investing in local business, amirite???

  • Ordered myself £100 worth of bath bombs before Lush stopped delivering. phew

  • Got 3 interviews from #WebSummit last year transcribed. FINALLY

  • A GLORIOUS week of sunshine, which made all this a lot better, especially as I got myself a huge Lazy Boy beanbag for the balcony


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