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January in review

Whewwwww it’s been a minute since I’ve had the time or energy to write. But I did intend for my break to be a break and not the end of my blog, so here I am back at it 😊

Although January has felt very long, it’s been a good month for myself.


I started the year off by heading straight for the Caribbean, which was an excellent way of keeping the January blues at bay. I can’t recommend St Lucia enough or travelling anywhere at that time of year. Keep an eye out for my upcoming blog post detailing all my tips and tricks for visiting the island.

I finally started paying for personal training. Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and something I can now afford And now that I’m in a good place with body image, I can approach my exercise and diet from a much healthier place, which I'm hoping will make it more sustainable and enjoyable.

I entered month three of weekly high intensity cognitive behavioural therapy for PTSD. And It certainly has been intense, especially re-living horrible moments over and over. But, it has been revolutionary. I feel different and I feel lighter. I'm excited to implement what I've learned.

FINALLY applied to be registered on the Irish foreign birth register, which is the first stage I have to complete in order to get my Irish passport. Love you Europe

Our rescue cat was flown over from Dubai and it's safe to say, we are in love (although he is a complete dickhead)


I also entered my third month of freelancing. Best decision I've ever made. It's been faaaaar from easy, but I was never after easy. I'm really happy. The money, the freedom and the lack of HR drama has been dreamy.

Amidst funding woes and political uncertainty, my team absolutely smashed our service assessment. As anyone who's ever worked in government before knows, although service assessments aren't meant to be stressful, they always are. Proud of us!

Things I’m looking forward to in February

  • A very quick pitstop in Paris for the Six Nations game

  • Speaking to digital, data and technology fast streamers at the Home Office about Cyber Women and my career so far

  • Dubai people reunion for Tamer's birthday <3

  • A weekend in Norfolk for besties birthday

  • Valentines day, mostly because we've booked a SIX course meal at my favourite Japanese restaurant lool

  • Finishing the month in Bologna celebrating another besties birthday


  • Tingting's usability testing talk


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