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About me


Hi! I'm Ella. 

I've got two sisters, a fiancé called tom and a cat called Bubu. 


I spend my working day doing user research within an agile delivery team. For the past 5 years, I have been working with the public sector. Currently, I am working with the Royal Navy. Previously, I have worked with the Cabinet Office, the Royal Navy, British Army, the Department for Education and the Ministry for Defence. 

Prior to contracting, I was a user researcher at HMRC, before moving on to work at the Home Office where I also sat on the Ethics Board.

In 2019, alongside my main job I started working part time with Democracy Club. Helping out with operational and administrative tasks. I continue this work today and loooove being a part of it.

I have a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Social and Political Thought. I loved studying. I am motivated by making things better for people. So, when I found out about user research, and the opportunity to apply what I'd learnt at university (without having to retrain or do another degree) in an industry as exciting as tech, I was thrilled.


Cyber Women
In 2017, I started blogging and shortly after decided to embark on a personal project where I interviewed woman and non-binary people about their careers in tech. I called it the #InterviewSeries and my aim was to raise awareness about the vast and varied opportunities available as well as the typical and not so typical routes (computer science degree not necessary!!!) into those jobs. I think this project helped me secure my first full time research role. Shortly after the pandemic began, I wrapped up this project. After speaking with 30 people, I felt it was a good time to focus on other things. Other bits and pieces I've done (such as talks) can be found at

In 2018, I completed an 'Intro into Web Development' course with Code First: Girls. In 2019, I completed a Digital Anthropology course at UCL. And in 2021, I took Lou Downe's Designing Good Services masterclass. In theory, I'd love to do a PHD. But in reality, I'll probably continue my personal development through courses and classes 😇

I grew up in the UAE and while I miss it (and the sunshine) dearly, South East London is my home for now.

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