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June in review


  • Phew. It's been a loooong month. I spent more time in hospital that I ever have in my life. But, alls well that ends well. My copper coil had somehow moved, and was embedded in the muscle in my uterus, perforating the myometrium (the lining a gal sheds during her period). Unfortunately, my appoint to remove the damn thing at the beginning of the month was cancelled because the Dr had a family emergency. This meant I was passed around all the sexual health clinics and gyno's in south London. Annoyingly, no one wanted to touch it. So, I had to wait for the specialist to return, and tbh I'm glad I did. She was phenomenal. Talked me through the whole thing and held my hand really tight when I had a little cry. Getting it removed hurt like a bitch, but was so quick. I'm back on the pill now (boooooooo), but luckily my boyfriend is up for considering other contraceptives. I would still HIGHLY recommend getting one (I'm no doctor). It's been the easiest and least side effective having contraception I've been on, sad it's gone!

  • In a bid to become the world record holder for number of speculums inserted in 30 days, I also had my cervix checked. Good news is no abnormal cells seem to have grown back. We're waiting for the results of my smear to be 100% sure, but the Dr strongly suspects all is well.

  • Just in case you thought I hadn't had my lady bits poked around enough, I also went for a scan of my boob. Good news is the lump is just a lump, nothing suspect. Some people just have lumpy boobs apparently, but as always, go get this stuff checked out to be sure.

  • Buuuuuut, health wise, everything is good now (touch wood)!!! Buzzing.

  • I started therapy. I can't say it's been life changing or will be life changing, but it's happening and it seems I'll continue to receive support beyond the six weeks of CBT I've been offered.

  • Landlord has been really difficult this month. She massively mislead us (fluffed the truth) about a noise complaint and got us REALLY worried. When we spoke to the property management company it turned out to be an entirely different (more chilled) situation. She also made a load of empty threats. C B A. It sucks because we really really love where we live, but it's gotten to the point where we feel uncomfortable living there. OTTO. (and hopefully cheaper rent).

  • In much more positive news I GOT A TAX REBATE. And it wasn't a scam :DDDDD

  • My bezzie mate from Australia, Georgia, moved to London. YaaaaaaaY

  • In a mission to beat the Sunday blues, Tom and I spent the last day of the month at the beach. It was delish!


  • Work have been exceedingly supportive about all my hospital appointments and I'm honestly truly grateful. I've not had the best luck with managers in the past, so I always struggle with guilt when I'm not well. But, fortunately I'm in a much much much MUCH better position now.

  • Private beta (a phase in service development, where select users get a go at using the real/ live thing) is going really well, in that people are using it. Yay! We've also had some great feedback, but thats by the by.

  • There's a real focus on development at the moment, I'm being encouraged to learn, to attend courses and conferences. As a mega nerd, I couldn't ask for more.

  • At Democracy Club, I'm now sort of managing the finances, which is really exciting as it means I'll learn about something I ordinarily wouldn't. I've always turned my nose up at money things, but it seems like something I should know about if I want to be a successful leader, which I do.

  • Cyber Women stuff is going really well. I've been offered a media pass by Web Summit again and this time I get to take my business partner/ editor/ assistant/ boyfriend with me to help out. I got so much amazing content out of last year's summit, so I'm excited to see what happens this year. I think we're going to try and pitch Cyber Women to some investors too, but first we'll have to come up with a business plan. Even if we don't secure any finances (which we probably won't), I'm looking forward to trying it on.

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