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September in review

Short & sweet reflection on my September as I am a currently on vacay 🌴 Good • Dubai! Yay! I got to go home and see my family, my kitties and some of my best friends • Good things happened for my Tomo and we got to spend time with his family in Manchester • I managed 3x3 75kg deadlifts and 3x5 60kg squats, I’m absolutely stoked at how I’m getting my strength back so quickly • I gained 3 mentors 💗 and went to loads of fascinating career events. I learnt loads and am so happy with my career progression • Set up more connections in UX over in Australia, where I one day hope to move Bad • It was confirmed that I’m gna have to have some pretty grim treatment for this early stage cervical disease, but thank goodness it can be treated •Schedule was absolutely insane over the past couple weeks, so much less opportunity to go to the gym, quite annoyed with it but trying not to beat myself up

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