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August in review

The good

  • More time at the beach

  • A cheeky trip to Wales - with no wifi or phone signal - bliss

  • One of my friends got accepted onto a Code First Girls course, I'm genuinely so thrilled for her. I know there's still a lot of disparity in the industry, but I think things like CFG do improve the odds for women and other marginalised communities in tech and digital. And that makes me really happy!

  • I ordered 19 new books - I have a problem - but at least my bookshelf is filling up nicely

  • August was a great month blog and LinkedIn wise. I manage to post and write more than I usually do, so that I've got posts ready to be published next month

  • Saw my dad in London. My parents still live in Dubai and it's rare that we get time to meet in person with all of our hectic schedules

  • Got accepted onto one of the Allbright online training courses and so did my neighbour - so we can have cute lil study sessions together

  • Received some really exciting career news

The bad

  • I wasn't able to go to Iceland

  • The results of my cervical screening test weren't great and it's likely I'll have to have some treatment. However, I do feel lucky to have access to these tests in the first place because it's likely if it wasn't sorted now, it would get a lot worse in the future. Obviously anything thats related to the C word is terrifying but the nurses and doctors I've dealt with so far have been super reassuring. I found out that most people don't go to these checks, even though they are free, and I think it's probably (partly) due to the public's perception of cancer. It may be the case that the fear factor is actually a barrier to early intervention/ prevention?

The gym

  • Consistency has been really good, so I've been able to lift heavier for longer. Even when I've had shit weeks, I've managed to get myself to the gym a couple of times

  • Got asked about my GraceFit band in the gym by a *man* and then got retweeted by the queen herself!

  • Regularly exceeding 10,000 steps a day

  • Managed 3 sets of 60kg deadlifts, considering that’s 2/3rds of my 1RM and I’ve been fucking about for a year (or 5), I’m pretty happy with the progression

  • Monkey pads are making a come back 🔥⬇️

In September I will

  • Renew my car insurance. Laaameee.

  • Have two fillings. Double laaaame.

  • Go to Dubai. Yay!

  • Try and use less ‘!’s in my professional emails. I’m tired of trying to sound mega positive all the time.

Quote of the month

"Uncertainty is the root of all progress and all growth. As the old adage goes, the man who believes he knows everything learns nothing. We cannot learn anything without first not knowing something"

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