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Code First: Girls | Week 4: GitHub and Version Control

Due to being at WebSummit last week I missed out on week 3 (user experience). Sad times, but luckily this is the topic I probably know most about. Ooooookay so they were not playing with Git and version control. At the beginning of the session the instructors we're all like "this is a really fun week", I wasn't totally convinced about that. By fun they probably meant really bloody hard and completely abstract, bless them.

We had a lot to cover in the session, but by the end of it I (think) I started to get the gist of it. At the very least I could toooootally appreciate how amazing Git is. I WISH I had known about this while I was at uni, it would be sooooo handy for essay writing and the like. Oh! If you fancy writing a book there's also a GitHub thing for that, very ideal. We learnt about tracking changes, ownership, sandboxing, branching and merging. I know, thats ALOTTA words. I really get the impression this is one of those things that gets easier the more you use it. We also learnt about things like commits, pull requests and repositories. I definitely don't completely know what all of these things mean, but I can at least pretend now xoxo

We also started working on our group projects and we even managed to collaborate on git and clone (?!) each others repositories. And look I made a branch!! Made a branch? Is that how you say it?

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