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Code First: Girls | Week 2: CSS

What is CSS?

HTML is the black and white text & CSS adds the colour, font, size and so on. I think? If I’m honest, I found this week really tough. Which is good thing, I love a challenge. I don’t think it’s necessarily CSS thats so hard - what I found confusing was the folder structuring and putting it all together to make gorgeous websites.

What did you do?

Struggle mostly! Ha. I think this week was particularly useful because most of us had some trouble understanding WHY OUR TEXT WASN’T TURNING RED. This was actually a good thing because apparently this is the kind of frustration a real life dev faces and the kind of problems they (now we) have to solve. I learnt how to change font size and family, how to change the text colour and background colour. I also learnt about ID tags and class selectors. I felt very cool doing some actual coding and made this, it doesn't look like much but if felt like an achievement was unlocked :D

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