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May in review

Sun, confidence gains and lots of invites for upcoming events. May was a good one!


  • ☀️ ​Five very chilled days in Cyrus with my best friends. I tried as much as possible to keep off Twitter and Linkedin, it was important for me to have proper down time away from the screens. Ottilie and I managed to squeeze in a two hour yoga class. The lady running the session lived by the beach, had 4 dogs, 5 cats, a donkey and a horse. Talk about goals!

  • 📝I attended an accessibility training session run by GDS. I have to be honest, I had low expectations, only because training I have attended in my previous roles has been so awful. But this blew me away. I learnt so much, had fun and realised I always need to be checking my privilege as "accessibility doesn't just happen"

  • 👩‍💻I got invited to DWPs #WomenInDigital event. This is the event that got me thinking about working in the civil service, so I'm even more excited about attending the event now I am one.

  • 😭I GOT BEYONCE TICKETS. I love her so much, I'm so happy, I'm going to cry the entire time.

  • 📚I got invited to attend an anthropology course at UCL. I LOVE the social sciences, so I am really looking forward to this.

  • 💻 I published 3 blog posts this month, nearly once a week (yay💫). I’ve had more unique site views this month than I have in the last couple put together, thanks Holly!

  • 👯‍♀️My friend @tejay wrote a wonderful article about her experiences of when I shadowed her last summer & the importance of opening our doors to others.

Testing moments

  • ✈️ I was supposed to be going to New York to see one of my best friends who lives in Australia. But I can't really afford it anymore. I'm so sad, I MISS HER SO MUCH😭 adulthood sigh.

  • 💩 I’ve been getting mad dizzy spells, I’ve been to the doctors and everything seems okay physically, I’m assuming it must be anxiety related, I dno!


  • 🤷‍♀️Basically none. I feel pretty down about this and I have been beating myself up about all my hard work going to waste. But with the move into London, the gym at work closing and little to no spare time, I really need to cut myself some slack.

  • ⚖️However, I weighed myself for the first time in months and I have lost 2kg, I put this down to tracking my meals and getting enough sleep😴. I've got another 10 or so to go to hit my target, but I must remember slow and steady wins the race.

  • 🏸 My boyfriend and I played squash & badmington a couple of times after work which was hysterical as I have ZERO hand eye coordination. Honestly such a good after work detox. I think I need to mix up my training more 🤔

  • 👙Oh and I wore a bikini (and got mega burnt) for the first time in YEARS which I guess means I’ve gained confidence, that counts as gains right?!

In June I will:

  • Register for the doctors and dentist in my new area, #adulthood. Now that I’m nearly 25 (yikes) I’ve been invited for my first cervical cancer screening which I’m going to do even though these things give me such bad anxiety.

  • ​Join a new gym now the one at work is closed.

  • Meet with user researchers and designers with dyslexia to begin my research in neurodiversity in UX.

How was your month? ♡

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