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#InterviewSeries | Katarina Kljajic

Katarina Kljajic is an entrepreneurial mega babe, she's super successful at an incredibly young age and is ONE TO WATCH 🚀. She's also one of the kindest, funniest and generous people I've had the pleasure of meeting. Honestly, get in touch with her! Read all about her experiences below ⬇️

"I am the second hire in the EMEA team for a Enterprise Marketing software headquartered in San Francisco. I am responsible for Sales and Customer success. I have also just founded my own Tech Community called First Boots. A community for Digital Nomads, wether you’re a top performer coming over to build out a market, or a remote worker being the trusted one on the ground. First Boots allows you to meet like minded people and get tips from people who have done it themselves." Tell us a little bit about your journey into a technology-based role I actually started out in tech recruitment. So I got to observe the industry from afar and see where I saw my skill set aligning. Which ended up being in Sales & Customer Success, I like selling the dream to prospects then making sure I am in the weeds with them to make it become a reality! How do you personally use technology in your day to day? Everything I do is based around technology, I live in the cloud! Numerous different tools and products help me be the most successful I can be on a daily basis. My role is to be the go to person for any technical issue clients are facing or to make sure they are hitting their objections with our software! What have been the best learning resources for you? I love Linkedin, It has so many great articles and tips about any professional issue! Apart from that I would recommend joining the Customer Success Network or Sales Confidence. They’re the best SaaS communities out there for resources and learning. As a woman, do you think you have faced any challenges that a man would not face in your position? No not at all! The majority of leaders in my company are female, and it’s never actually something that’s been brought up. It happened quite organically! What HAS been your biggest challenge so far? Learning technical jargon or being comfortable using a software day to day and being the person who explains the best use case for it. Finding ways for enterprise companies to not only make sure you fit with their IT infrastructure but also direct business needs. Who makes up your support squad? Professionally I have a great support team, My VP and Sales Director are very hands on with whatever I need. My sister is also a big inspiration and advisor. Along with them I was lucky to have a lot of strong professional relationships built in my first job whilst recruiting.

Thanks Kat <3

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