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Reading grounds me and makes me feel calm in a way most of my other hobbies don't. It's one of the activities I'm able to do even when my mental health is in the bin. Lately, I've been trying to read non-fiction as much as possible, because I've always preferred a good ol' novel. But by doing that, I realised I was limiting myself. I also realised that there are so many thoughtfully written non-fiction books. I've come across so many books that breakdown jargon and allow people access to traditionally elitist information. Just my cup of tea. My goal for 2019 is to read, learn and listen. I'm hoping to hit around 50 books. I know I'll get bored if I read just non-fiction books, so I'll definitely allow myself to read a cheap thriller, but even then, I think there's things I can learn. Reading so much has definitely helped my writing in a way my formal education never did. Anyways, you can follow along with me if you like. I'll probably talk about some of them on Twitter

  1. This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor

  2. Close to the Machine: Technophilia and Its Discontents

  3. Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

  4. Everything I Know About Love

  5. Things I Don't Want to Know

  6. Cunt: A Declaration of Independence

  7. The Vegetarian

  8. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

  9. The Financial Diet

  10. Normal People

  11. Ordinary People

  12. Kitchen

  13. Lullaby

  14. Crazy Rich Asians

  15. How to Own the Room

  16. My Thoughts Exactly

  17. Fever Dream

  18. Hot Milk 

  19. The Hate U Give

  20. Into the Water

  21. A Little Life

  22. A Million Little Pieces 


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