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Ella and Tom
Ella and sisters
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Ella and best friend
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Hey! I'm Ella. I've got two sisters, a boyfriend called Tom and mates that live all around the world. I grew up in the UAE, studied my bachelors (BSc Psychology) and master's (MA Social & Political Though) in Leeds and I now live in London. I sometime's have a shit time with my mental health, mainly anxiety, and I get migraines a lot, but I try really hard to improve both of these things. I talk about them a lot on Twitter. I'm a big believer in talking publicly and openly about taboo subjects and think doing so demystifies and normalizes these things. For example, I recently had pre-cancerous cells removed from my cervix and felt like that was something I should talk about publicly, because the nurse told me most women don't attend their smears because they're scared or embarrassed (it really isn't as scary/ bad/ painful as it seems, even the getting cells removed part). But, I'm also a big believer in privacy and I'm wary of over sharing and getting too emotionally involved online. 



I am a freelance user researcher. And I manage operational support at Democracy Club.

The post to read to get to know me better:

25 things at 25

I'm part of several communities and I attend several regular meetups in London, including:

  • Candles 

  • a11y

  • Triangles

  • Liberating Structures

  • London Accessibility Meetup

  • Service Lab London

  • The Research Thing

  • GovTech 

  • London Gov Design Meetup

  • CitizenBeta

  • All Bright

  • Code First: Girls


Talks ( for access)

The Imposter Syndrome's Guide to Public Speaking @ Triangirls 

Career Stuff @ Women in Tech Network for the Digital, Data & Technology Civil Service Fast Stream

User research during political uncertainty @ Home Office Digital quarterly meet up

My actions and life in general used to be dictated by my anxiety. But check out these cool things I've overcome:

  • My fear of public speaking

  • Getting therapy for my PTSD

  • Having pre-cancerous cells removed from my cervix 

  • Quitting my super secure civil service job and going freelance

  • Needles - I can get a blood test now without passing out!!

  • Solo travel (Melbourne, Sydney & New York) and did I mention I HATE flying

Let's go for  ☕ find me @botting_ella/ Ella Botting

Or email me at



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